Personal Tax Management

Welcome to our premier Personal Tax Management Service (PTM). This comprehensive service is tailored to match your individual needs. You will have your own personal tax adviser who will manage all your personal tax matters throughout the year and, if you choose, on an ongoing basis.

The service includes

Managing your personal tax affairs

Once you have decided to use the Personal Tax Management Service you will receive a Welcome-Pack confirming your registration and payment for the service. It will include:

Providing the right information

It is important you ensure the information provided direct is complete, accurate and is sent to us in time to meet any tax deadlines. However, you need not worry if some of the details are missing, just let your Personal Tax Adviser have the details of the third party holding the information and he or she will obtain it on your behalf.

What the service costs

As everyone’s needs are different we will provide a personal quote based on your needs. To obtain your personal quote please fill out the form below.

You can pay by credit/debit card, cheque or by monthly direct debit when taking up the service.